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Binary Trades Online

In the world of financial trading, binary options always have 2 possibly outcomes. Either the trader will get a payout of a pre-set amount, or they will walk away with nothing at all. This sector is growing, and binary trading online is becoming very common.

Just Like Betting

In sporting events and table games such as Baccarat and Roulette, you are predicting an outcome. To do this, you need to consider past performances, statistical probabilities, and any other information you can find. If you’re correct, you win a return of a predetermined value.

This is essentially exactly what happens in binary trading, which is why we know that online bettors and casino players in Portugal will be interested in it. To help you do it, we review the best sites in the country, in just the same way as we showcase the top casinos and sportsbooks.

What We Look For in Binary Reviews

Many of the factors we consider in these trading sites are similar to what we look at in a bookmaker or casino. Before recommending an operator to you, we check that it is licensed and regulated, that it has good banking options and support, that it has a diverse range of products and that it offers generous bonuses and promotions.

Most online betting and casino establishments offer advice and guidance on the events, markets and games that they offer. Binary trading sites are similar in this regard too; our recommendations usually offer a host of resources such as eBooks, seminars, and professional traders on hand to give you tips and advice at any time.

Different Trading Strategies

As you spend more time betting or playing different games, you improve your insights and are able to predict and win more. With binary markets it is no different, and you will soon learn to consider the facts and trust your intuition at the same time, when deciding what to do. To start you off, we explain the commonly-used Hedging and Correction strategies below.

The Hedging Strategy

Also known as the Straddle Strategy, this involves hedging your bets. You’ll make several trades on the same asset, all in different directions. Once you see how the assets and the markets are behaving, you can start investing in one direction. You need to closely monitor what is happening, so that you can adjust your investment direction whenever you need to.

The Correction Strategy

This strategy is based on the observation that assets surge in both directions over time, in reaction to specific events or announcements. The Correction Principle has been developed, which says that when assets surge in this way, they will correct themselves to their former positions.

To apply the Correction Principle in binary trading, you need to take advantage of the temporary changes and fluxes. You need to watch events closely so that you know when there will be gaps in the market. When you see a gap, you can crate a trade in the opposite direction. Once the asset corrects itself, you’ll benefit from the surge in value.

Are You Ready to Trade?

Financial trading is very exciting, and binary markets are a great way to get into this world. You can explore the differences between hedging and correction strategies, where you either back the assets that seem most profitable or invest in the ones which have taken a downturn so that you benefit when they become profitable again. There is so much to learn, and we’ve reviewed the best sites for you to use. Start with small amounts and, just as with betting, never put down any money that you can’t afford to lose.