NetEnt Pooled Jackpot Games

Some call them pooled games while others refer to them as progressive games. Either way you choose to look at it, these are the games that carry the biggest jackpots available online to Brazilian players. NetEnt, one of the leading gaming content providers to online casino operators has created some really fun and innovative titles for players seeking out greater rewards. Their line-up of progressive and pooled jackpot games is diverse and promises to entertain players seeking those bigger thrills. On a functional basis, the NetEnt pooled jackpot system consists of a series of games connected to one universal network. As players place wagers on these games, a certain amount of each bet is accumulated into one central pool. This pool grows in size up until the point that a lucky Brazilian player manages to win the Jackpot. These pools are not the easiest ones to win, and in order to win the biggest pot requires the biggest bets. But it’s the positive end result that makes it all worth one’s while.

NetEnt Offers These Top Titles

The NetEnt pooled jackpot range consists of classic slots, video slots and even scratch card games – a rarity in terms of online casino games.  In total, players who choose to sign up with one of our NetEnt powered casinos will be able to enjoy a total of 12 progressive titles. Diversity is certainly key and NetEnt have made sure to carefully select the titles they have chosen to offer as pooled jackpot games. To date, Brazilian players can enjoy these top titles:

  • Arabian Nights Progressive Slots
  • Bonus Keno Jackpot
  • Caribbean Stud Poker
  • Cosmic Fortune Progressive Slots
  • Geisha Wonders Progressive Slots
  • Hall of Gods™ Progressive Slots
  • Icy Wonders Progressive Slots
  • Mega Fortune Progressive Slots
  • Mega Fortune Dreams Progressive Slots
  • Mega Joker Jackpot Progressive Slots
  • Super Lucky Frog Progressive Slots
  • Tiki Wonders Progressive Slots

A Quick Word on Playing Pooled Jackpot Games

Pooled Jackpot games do offer the largest rewards and thus they do receive a lot of play time. However, these online slots need to be approached with a degree of knowledge, and possibly even some strategy. Because these games in particular can offer cash prizes to the value of R$1 000 000, they will place a greater demand on your wallet, quite simply because of what you stand to win. The only way to get the biggest jackpot that a pooled jackpot game has to offer is to bet max all the time. Not everyone’s wallet can accommodate this type of financial demand and it’s why we recommend that should you decide to go for the big one that you set aside a fixed amount of cash that you’re prepared to spend on it. This is truly the best way to go about your gaming when playing a progressive jackpot game. Putting limits on your spend means that should you not get what you wanted from the game, you’ll still have cash to play on something else. Plus, not winning the pooled jackpot prize does not mean you cannot still walk away a winner. The majority of the NetEnt titles are after all slots games and thanks to all their bonus features you’re bound to come away with cash in hand.